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Npower complaint -
Customer communications, log and commentary

Npower job ref 1438824

Npower complaint - overview

We ordered our new boiler installation from Npower.

Whilst the installation was protracted for a number of reasons the job was largely completed with the exception of three items:

  • The old boiler and fittings were left on our front lawn and not collected for a considerable period
  • The order included a programmable room thermostat. The incorrect item was fitted
  • The order included a free CO detector which has not been provided

  • On return to home on 4th April we have a ceiling about to come down due to a water leak from the Npower installation

The following is our log as a true and accurate record of what we have been through so far in an attempt to get Npower to complete the order properly and stand up to it's responsibilities for the damage caused to our home.

We urge anyone who cares at Npower to call on 07808 395876 to advise us as to when they'll stop this nightmare they are putting us through.

They have the power, but so far - not the will.

Images and video of the damage to our home are detailed under the log >>>

26/01/2010 Boiler installation commissioned
28/01/2010 Called Brian Nichols as incorrect programmable thermostat was fitted
07/02/2010 Text to Brian as no action to progress replacement
08/02/2010 Complaint lodged online after Brian advise so by SMS
09/02/2010 Call received to acknowledge that the issue is logged and service will call
11/02/2010 No call was received, so message left on Brian Nichols' mobile answer phone
12/02/2010 Researched people who could make this happen such as Chris Johnson, MD Retails Sales - He is unknown on the switchboard and you can't talk to the business principles. They are blissfully unaware of the true level of customer service Npower customers actually endure.
12/02/2010 Called in again and was put in contact with Ray Puncheon in Installations.
RP passed me to a lady in the Home Team who checked the issue again with me, took details and then put me on hold
After a further 10 minutes I hung up as I'd been abandoned. Nobody called back.
12/02/2010 I called back later in the day as my time permitted and joined the call queue and was the referred to the Maidstone office to talk to someone in installations. They put me through to the Home Team - another call queue. Hung up after 7 minutes of nothing. 
12/02/2010 I called back again and spoke to Ray Puncheon and insisted on talking to someone who could sort out this simple issue. Was passed to Helen and then left hanging on for a further 13 minutes after which I hung up.
12/02/2010 I called back again and joined the queue and requested an auto call back.
No auto call back was received
12/02/2010 Chased again with Brian Nichols
12/02/2010 Helen called back and advised that John Ledbury is the manager who will now be sorting out the incorrect controller and it will be five weeks to send the outstanding CO detector, will send in Excel to collect the old boiler installation still sitting on our front lawn
Martin Nugent the installations manager will arrange for the thermostat to be replaced
The scrap boiler was collected
The programmable thermostat issue was not corrected
18/02/2010 Called John Ledbury. He emailed the Team to send out the CO detector. He advised that Chris Weiner the electrical chap would call to organise the correct programmable thermostat. No call was received.
26/02/2010 Chased again with John Ledbury - message left on his mobile answer phone
02/03/2010 Chased again with John Ledbury - message left on his mobile answer phone but he is now on holiday until 23-3-10
02/03/2010 Called Brian Nichols and left a message on his answer phone
02/03/2010 Brian called back and has tried to escalate this issue a number of ways but has not been able to get firm promises of corrective action from anyone
09/03/2010 Call to Brian Nichols - message left on his answer phone
09/03/2010 Brian called back - he will send more emails to get this issue sorted out
10/03/2010 Saira Called - will sort out and will call back to make an appointment. No call was received
18/03/2010 Chased again with Saira. We should expect some to call and make an appointment for 22nd or 23rd. No calls were received
04/04/2010 Returned from holiday to find that the downstairs lounge ceiling was bowing under the weight of a water leak. We took up the floorboards to find that there was a leak in the Npower plumbing.
04/04/2010 Called the Npower team for emergency out of hours and spoke to Emma. Emma said they cant help but as we've an installation under the 2 year repair promise we should call another number.
04/04/2010 We called the other number which was a third party provider caller HomeServe. HomeServe could not help me as we needed an Npower policy number that we'd never been issued and we had to call Npower to get them to call HomeServe to authorise our account.
04/04/2010 We called Npower and was told by Kerry that there was nothing that they could do.  
I spoke to a supervisor who was off hand and totally unconcerned about the fact that I had a leak in my Npower installation and my ceiling was coming down.
I was the passed to Kerry again who said that the emergency team will call me tomorrow to come and fix the leak
05/04/2010 No call was received from the emergency team so I called and spoke to Philippa. She advised me that nobody called because they were all busy on appointments and didn't have time for my emergency. We now have a promise of an emergency service call tomorrow
05/04/2010 The Magnetic filter housing was found to be lose and this too has been leaking in the garage. We corrected this ourselves.
I needed to know that if I had the leak fixed by other contractors would that invalidate my Npower boiler installation warranty. This could not be confirmed one way or the other. So at the moment I'm stuck with a leak that I can't fix and the company that caused the issue will not respond and fix it.
With regards to my losses I'm told to write in for this to be considered. Given the response time on the other simple issues that Npower have failed to correct, I can see living with the Npower water damage to my home for month's which is not acceptable.
06/04/2010 Engineer called to say will be here in 30 mins to fix leak

Complaint lodged again at https://www.npower.com/At_home/Forms2/CustomerService/CustomerComplaint.aspx?workflow=CustomerComplaint so we can progress claim for water damages.

"All detailed to many of your staff before without any corrective.

We now need to progress claims for damage to our property due to faulty Npower work.

Please see http://simonthomas.org.uk/npower/ for all details.

We have an Npower emergency engineer on route to us now for the immediate leak.

We need to progress the claim for damages without delay so we can get our home back in order. I look forward to your call and to concluding this promptly.

Simon Thomas

06/04/2010 Engineer arrived and started work on system. After drain down he confirmed the issue was caused by a badly soldered joint.

Email acknowledgement received from Npower 09:21

Thank you - your details have been passed to our complaints team.

What happens next?
We may take a few days to respond as each enquiry is looked at individually. Your enquiry is important to us, so please allow us the time to properly address your individual request.

You don't need to take any further action, we'll let you know if we need any more information to complete your request.

If you'd like to know more about our complaints process, read our leaflet "Putting Things Right" at www.npower.com/puttingthingsright.
06/04/2010 Engineer has completed the immediate repair to the faulty joint and recomissioned the system, partially replacing the floor boards allowing for us to dry out the ceiling void. This job is not fully completed as another engineer needs to return to drain the system again and put corrosion inhibitor into the system as he did not have any on his van.
06/04/2010 Brian N returned our call to him from earlier and he will again try to get the issues resolved, armed with all the information included here. Thank you for your perseverance Brian.

Called complaints number given on website - 0845 070 4856.
Jo web advised that we need to talk to the Home Team Complaints and given number 0800 0722999


Called new home team number. There is no general or complaints option in the options given. Got through to Wendy Tipton who then tried to get an advisor in the Home Team to talk to me by they hung up on her!
Home Team number for future reference is 0800 3163 999.
Wendy will get them on the line and put through to my mobile.

8-4-10 Wendy called back to advise that Home Team and busy but will get someone to call
Call received from Amy Harvey 0800 3163 999 opt 6 x43148. At last someone who has grasped the requirement, understands our absolute frustration and who "will sort this out" for me - the CO detector, the programmable thermostat and the repairs to my home caused by faulty Npower plumbing. Call back promised within two so she has adequate time to research and effect corrective action.

Amy called to advise that:

  • Martin, Installation Manager, has reviewed this log of the job
  • Andy, who works with Martin, will visit on Thursday. We are available between 11:30 and 13:30.
    This will be to:
    • assess the house repairs required
    • conclude the outstanding CO detector
    • schedule the replacement programmable thermostat
  • There will be an engineer with us soon today as his next appointment to add the inhibitor to the system.
12-4-10 Engineer called to advise he was on the way.
Engineer visited and completed the addition of inhibitor.

Andy Bell (m: 077 146 779 35) visited to review the whole situation.
Outcomes and actions:

  • The CO detector will now be provided
  • A subcontract company called RCD will be instructed to change over the manual room stat to the 7 day programmable one that we originally ordered
  • Regarding the carpet that has water and rust marks, needs cleaning or replacing, Martin Nugent, Installations Field Service Manager will likely OK us to commission our own carpet cleaner. Martin Nugent to advise on this and reimbursement
  • Regarding replacing the ceiling, we have our own preferred builders and Martin Nugent will advise if we can use our own or we have to use Npower's contracted builder.

Martin Nugent

15-4-10 Short email sent to MN as advise by AB.
15-4-10 Martin Nugent emailed an acknowledgement. Will review with Andy and action accordingly.
19-4-10 CO Detector received by mail
19-4-10 Chased Martin Nugent by email as we don't want to live with the mess in our house any longer than necessary and it was hoped that he and Andy, who visited our home to assess damage, would have spoken and sanctioned action on Friday. We have also had our builder in to assess the damage and we have put our builder in contact with Martin Nugent by email so he can conclude whatever details necessary for the repairs to now go ahead without delay.
19-4-10 Martin Nugent replied asking for estimate from my builders
20-4-10 Estimate from RP Bennett emailed to Martin Nugent with builder's details.
20-4-10 Call from Richard, Npower electrician, to set appointment for evening of Wednesday 21st to install correct programmable thermostat.
21-4-10 Richard, Npower electrician, called to advise that wholesales did not have programmable thermostat in stock and appointments changed to morning of Thursday 22nd.
22-4-10 Richard, Npower electrician, called to advise that he was at the wholesalers at Harlow and that they have the programmable thermostat but will not release it as they do not have the Npower "ticket" number.
22-4-10 Letter received from Beverley Clamp, Npower Customer Relations Liaison apologising and advising a full response when they have conducted their investigations. They will then be in contact "with a view to fully resolving" the issues.
22-4-10 Chaser email sent to Martin Nugent so we can get repairs to my home underway.
27-4-10 Still nothing from anybody. Called Martin Nugent on 07808 050860 just before 09:00 and got answer phone. Message lest asking for the ceiling and programmable thermostat issues to be concluded in the next few days as these delays are intolerable.
27-4-10 Called Martin Nugent on 07808 050860 just before 09:00 and got answer phone. Left message that nobody has returned our calls and we need to get this resolved.
27-4-10 Called Andy Bell (m: 077 146 779 35) who had visited earlier to assess the repairs and requested he intervene and get some action and call me to advise.

Call to Amy Harvey 0800 3163 999 opt 6 x43148. Away.
Spoke Saira who is aware of our plight and who will progress this with Martin or a higher manager and promised us a call back tomorrow. I advised that there are two unanswered calls on Martin's voicemail and this is now coming up to two weeks since the inspection visit and we still have a lounge with a damaged ceiling due to faulty Npower work and no urgency from Npower to resolve this for us.
I advised that we'd prefer to use our own builders as I know they'll do an excellent job and there will be no protracted issued like this after the job is completed; assuming the estimate is accepted by Npower. Our faith in Npower contractors is at an all time low.
Outstanding items

  • Timer
  • Repairs
  • Carpet

Two days on:

  • No call back from Martin Nugent
  • No call back from Andy Bell
  • No call back from Saira or the customer services team

We called in, spoke to Saira, Martin not available. Saira advises he has tried to get their remedial company to visit to effect repairs. Nobody has advised us of anything and no remedial company has called to either assess of effect a repair. We have a builder ready to complete the repair now and an estimate has been forwarded as requested. The email with the estimate has not been acknowledged. Have we wasted our time even further getting a builder in to estimate when their estimate is going to be ignored by Npower anyway?

I've advised that we want to use our builder as we know that the job will be completed without any delay, quickly and to a standard that will not require protracted subsequent remedial action. Our faith in any Npower contractor is absolutely zero as there is absolutely no "joined up" customer care systems within Npower.

Saira passed detailed to John Cowell - National Installation Manager, for him to effect some conclusive action as nothing has been done for us up to now on the damaged carpet and ceiling, except for Andy's visit two weeks ago when he was appalled by the way Npower have treated us. Subsequent inaction really says it all.

Npower - you don't deserve customers when you can't or don't want look after them when things go wrong.

The above demonstrates repeated failures and a list of Npower personnel who outwardly could care less - Yes we're absolutely fed up with this whole situation and bitterly regret the day we placed an order with Npower.


Martin emailed an apology and go ahead with our builder.

Our reply

From: Simon Thomas [mailto:simon@simonthomas.org.uk]
Sent: 29 April 2010 12:48
To: 'Martin.Nugent@npower.com'
Cc: 'Saira.Khan@npower.com'; 'Bev.Clamp@npower.com'; 'Sue.Roe@npower.com'; 'Sairabennett68@ntlworld.com'
Subject: RE: Npower job ref 1438824

Dear Mr Nugent,

Thank you for this go ahead. I will get Mr Richard Bennett to call you to arrange the contractual side of this.

Please advise on the other two outstanding issues. The electrician seems to have given up on the programmable thermostat and we either need the carpet replacing or cleaning. On the carpet I’m more than happy for it to be cleaned, but if the tide and rust marks cannot be removed it will need replacing as witnessed by Andy when he came to assess.

Simon Thomas

29-4-10 Martin Nugent emailed a further apology and agreed we should get the carpets cleaned

We emailed Martin Nugent:

"Thank you for the go ahead for the carpet cleaning. I’ll get this done after the building work as that seems a sensible order of works. To whom, and at what address, should I send the bill for reimbursement?"

1-5-10 Richard our Builder advises that despite called to Martin Nugent to establish the order and terms, no calls have been returned.


Npower why won't you behave like a half reasonable supplier. We need from you:

  • an agreed order to be placed on our builder
  • the outstanding programmable thermostatic timer. After three aborted appointments the electrician seems to have given up on the programmable thermostat
  • the address to which the bill for the carpet cleaning will be sent for payment by return and your conformation that the carpet will be replaced with like for like should the tide or rust marks not come out after cleaning.

Chaser email sent address to Martin Nugent, but address to all in the Npower Home Team


Autoresponder advises me that Martin Nugent is not available until the 10th

I will return to my office at 7am on 10/4/10.I am on a training course for the next two days.
I will endeavor to respond to any emails as quickly as possible on my return.

Email resent to Saira for action.

7-5-10 Comprehensive reply from Saira.
Contractural arrangements changed. We have to contract the builder and Npower will reimburse. We now have to resubmit the building quote despite having provided an earlier estimate.
Programmable Thermostat will be fitted on Tuesday by the electrician
Carpet Cleaning - We now have to get a quote for this despite the work being approved previously
10-5-10 Richard the electrician call to confirm that he's booked in with us tomorrow, but has only just been told. Will call back.
10-5-10 Richard called again to advise that he is still trying to secure the parts needed and would call again

Saira called to confirm the appointment and will chase the parts needed. The appointment may not go ahead as no parts have been booked for the job until now.

I advised that the past arrangements that were agreed with Mr Martin Nugent have now changed in that we now have to contract the builders. Why this had to change now is unclear, if Npower were worried about liability and accountability Npower should not have agreed to the contrary at the time of agreeing to the building work.

The terms around cleaning the carpet have changed in that we now need a quote. Saira now waived this and we are free to get this cleaned without a quote. I advised that this will be done after the remedial building work and redecorating has been completed. A quote will be required in the event that the cleaning is unsuccessful. This is understood.


Emailed Saira to confirm builder will do the work on the fixed price quotation now, costs as previously estimated.

Chased roomstat.

17-5-10 Electrician called to say he should be with us tomorrow to complete the installation of the correct room stat
18-5-10 Correct roomstat fitted.
20-5-10 Amy advised the address for the carpet claim by email.

Email returned to Npower:

"Please advise how the main claim for the building work will be handled.

Please refer to the log at http://simonthomas.org.uk/npower/ . On 4th April we desperately needed emergency support and this was denied us as we did not have the correct paperwork from Npower despite being eligible for the Home Team Two Year Repair Promise. Can you please provide us with this paperwork? Thank you."


Saira replied confirming that Npower will reimburse the building contractor costs and that a paperwork is being sent, whilst querying the start date.

Emergency call number given for any future emergency.


We replied querying how the main claim will be handled and advising the start date for building work.

We queried if the emergency number is 24x7 as it was with the out of hours number that we had issues.

26-5-10 Chaser email sent as no reply has been received.
28-5-10 Chaser email sent as no reply has been received.


Amy emailed to advise that she was unsure what the delay in the paperwork and was resending in the post today herself. Email included an instruction for Martin Nugent to advise me how we were to be refunded - this has been agreed two different ways so far.

We replied:

Thank you Amy,

I’m still intrigued what this paperwork is as everything has been already been agreed and sanctioned by email. I was hoping that I’d not have any further inconvenience with paperwork, especially as Npower have visited to assess damage. I assume we’re still OK to go ahead with the work as payment has already been sanctioned and promised?

Re Payment: your proposal below was the original agreement I had. However that was overturned on Npower instruction and I’ve had to contract the builder directly, therefore payment is due to me and not the builder. This is all detailed in this thread.

Simon Thomas

1-6-10 Amy kindly called and confirmed that the paperwork is actually our Npower two year guarantee and nothing to do with the water damage claim. We are OK to proceed.
1-6-10 Richard the electrician turned up to replaced the main controller on the system. There is no requirement for this that controller is working fine and is as ordered. Richard left without doing anything.

OK we at at the end of the journey. Our home is now repaired, our carpets clean and we have been reimbursed.

Without the sterling efforts of Amy and Saira in the Npower Hometeam it would have been amd impossible task as nobody would take ownership of the issues.


I wrote

"Dear Amy and Saira,

I write to thank you for your persistence in pressing our case and for your positive and prompt replies. You two were the only people in Npower who actually took ownership of the issues and sought practical solutions rather than passing them off to ineffectual others.

You are two shining gems and your management should rate you both highly.

With regards,
Simon Thomas"

The net position at 6th April 2010 is that :
  • we need a new lounge ceiling
  • we may need a lounger carpet, though we're trying to save it
  • my daughter is sleeping in a room which smells of damp and has the floor boards up - a health issue on two counts at least
  • the rate of leak is such that it needs constant attention and all the inconvenience that causes
  • we still have water leaking out of the npower installation under our floorboards
  • we do not have the co detector ordered
  • we do not have the programmable timer/thermostat ordered
  • we have wasted I conservatively estimate 6 hours chasing the outstanding items and 4 hours lifting floor boards, drying ceiling spaces and carpets
  • we have no hope of seeing these issues corrected as Npower have not offered us any glimmer of a solution

Brian Nichols the salesman who sold us the system has done all he can and has offered as much as he possibly could and no criticism is directed to him but we're dealing with Npower, an organisation that has repeatedly let us down.

By any quality customer care yardstick one cares to apply we have been treated appallingly and what's more, nobody at Npower outwardly cares and when approached nobody is empowered to do anything EVERYTING, BUT EVERYTHING has to be referred to someone else who ultimately DOES NOTHING.

This is being tabbed up so:

  • the issue moves into the public domain so that others may be privy to how we have been treated by Npower
  • as support documentation for our credit card company who we will be progress our claims using the legal protection mechanisms afforded customers
  • for our solicitors who will require this as part of their briefing
  • for trading standards who will need this as part of their documentation
  • for the television consumer programs who we will be writing to

All Npower have to do is to be a responsible provider and do what what is required at the most basic level of service.


Our Lounge 4th to 6th April


Our splashed audio equipment

Here is an mpeg video of the Npower installation leak that is causing the damage to my home >>>


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